Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Gratuitous Baby Pictures

It's not that I've become lazy over the last week - or even that there hasn't been much to write about. It's just that we're both so damn tired. Yeah, all you parents - especially mine - are laughing right now. Real funny. So, since I haven't had the chance to drop some profundity on you this week, I'm just going to show you baby pictures - and really, who doesn't like baby pictures?

I'm now back to work full time, almost as if I never left. Just as I had suspected, the atmosphere in "the shoe" had grown eerily pleasant. I put an end to that. The ABG (Angry Bitter Guy) is back! If you haven't had an encounter with the ABG, don't think of him as disgruntled. Think of him as colorfully contrarian. Still lots of profundity, just with a lot more profanity. Although, no matter how tough the day is, I'm still perfectly happy to come home and make an ass out of myself just to get a few little smiles and giggles from the kiddo.

Last Friday Ginny went to the pediatrician, Dr. Wyatt at NFRMC. She had gained 9 oz in one week. We stopped fortifying her milk immediately. She's put on more weight this week, but we won't know for sure how much until Friday's weigh-in.

"You can't possibly be hungry again!"