Monday, November 18, 2013

Ah, Monday...

9:00 a.m.  Rachel and I both slept here in the room in shifts with Ginny last night.  She's been very active, despite what would normally be considered heavy sedation. (My kid's not normal. I've accepted that. Superhuman might be a stretch, but...) She appears to be sleeping much of the time, but when she wakes, she tries to sit up in bed, which is a problem given the breathing tube down her throat and the fact that her hands are restrained. We don't need another self-extubation to set her back, so we kept a close watch.

Ginny is steady.  I'm hesitant to say better, but maybe a little.  Her oxygen saturation is holding at 86% (ish), but on only 50% oxygen support (though still 20 ppm of Nitric Oxide).  The bubble test came back negative (good - and it was pretty cool to watch), and she had her echo.  No news from cardiology, so that probably means no issues on the echo (as we expected).  She's given up a lot of junk from her lungs every time we suction.  The PICC didn't get done yesterday, so the PICC nurse & crew are on their way now.  It's a sterile procedure so we'll have to leave the room.  It gives us a chance to get cleaned up a little and take a walk.  Rounds should begin shortly, but we're at the tail end of the unit, so it might take a little while.  There were a few admissions yesterday and it's getting a little more crowded up here.

12:10  The PICU team just completed rounds.  Ginny is making some progress, but slowly.  Her cultures came back positive for streptococcus pneumonia, which we expected.  We made some adjustments to her antibiotics to treat it more efficiently.  Right now our expectation is that she will be on the ventilator for at least another 48 hours, and then maybe she can move down to the 4th floor.  Her PICC went in without complications, so we won't have to worry about sticking her with a bunch more IV's.

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  1. Thinking about you guys! If you need anything, holler. I will be in town most of the day Wednesday, and am hoping I'll have a chance to stop by. ~ Karen