Sunday, November 17, 2013

Digging In

We had a lot less drama last night in the PICU.  Ginny tried to stir a few times during the night, but her nurse Pam was on top of it.  I managed to sleep through most of it, thankfully.  She's tried to get up out of bed at least twice this morning, despite the heavy doses of sedatives.  It took three of us to hold her still while we suctioned the junk from her lungs.  She's such a strong kid.

The doctors have finished their rounds for this morning.  On the agenda for today is an echocardiogram to check on her right heart pressures, and a bubble test to see if there is any communication between her left and right atria, and a PICC (peripherally inserted central catheter) line. When we got here on Thursday we had hoped that we could be out of here by Sunday or Monday.  Her condition got worse than we expected, but we thought she could turn the corner quickly once we started the antibiotics. Nonetheless, I think the PICC line just bought us 5 more days or so.  Maybe not all here in the PICU, but still...

Her condition is generally the same.  Her oxygen saturation is hovering in the mid eighties on 55% oxygen through the vent, and 20 ppm of the baby crack (NO).  Lots and lots of junk in her lungs, which we have to suction out every few hours.  She hates that, and I don't blame her, but the RSV creates a lot of secretions in her lungs that have to get out for her to get better.  

Lots of you have reached out and offered your help and we truly appreciate it.  Right now, I think we've got things covered, but in the coming days we might need to lean on you a little. Today we're going to bring Lilly up to visit for a couple minutes, but only from a distance.  Lilly loves her big sister a lot, and I'm sure she's missing her.  We miss Lilly too.  

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