Saturday, November 16, 2013

Saturday Evening Update

Today we've learned a little bit more about Ginny.  She is one tough kid.  We've got her maxed out on sedatives (Versed, Fentanyl, Precedex), but she still keeps waking up, trying to sit up in bed, roll over... that kind of thing.  She does try to lift her arms, but we've got her restrained now to avoid any repeat of last night.  Though we'll still need to keep a close eye on her.

There haven't been many changes in her condition.  She's at 88% oxygen saturation, taking 65% oxygen through the ventalator, in addition to the 20 ppm of nitric oxide.  She's on 3 antibiotics, but we'll probably stop one of those tomorrow, since we're pretty confident the infection is viral, not bacterial. And she's getting some food through her dopoff tube.   

I spent most of the day with Ginny by myself, since Rachel was running a fever this morning.  She's also on antibiotics, in addition to Lilly - who has an ear infection and some kind of viral thing also, but not nearly as serious.  My mom is now here from Connecticut to help out a bit, too.  Thanks so much to Rachel's co-workers at GRU for bringing over lunch.  

I will probably spend the night here with Ginny again tonight.  We're going to have some father - daughter football time and hope the Gators can pull off some kind of miracle.   Hopefully we'll have a boring but productive night of recovery.  

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  1. So glad that so many are able to help out. There were prayers said for all of you today and they will continue.