Monday, July 5, 2010

Do It Yourself Recovery

Yesterday Ginny had her left atrial line removed and she was weaned off of several medications. Her feeds were increased to 9 cc per hour and she is breathing room air, although through a nasal cannula. Apparently that wasn't enough progress for her. Somehow overnight she managed to work free her right atrial line. The medications that were going through that line were just dumping into her chest cavity and being removed through the chest tubes. I guess she didn't need them that badly. She is recovering nicely. We don't have anything more planned for today other than increasing her feeds by 1 cc every four hours. Tomorrow she should get her swallow study and maybe even have her chest tubes removed. Then we will be closer to having someone take this picture of us:

In case you are wondering, that is a picture of Baby Joseph and his parents Max and Deborah on their way home to Baton Rouge, Louisiana. They were discharged on Friday but didn't make it home until Saturday night. Apparently long road trips don't go as smoothly with a baby in the car. I think they're OK with that.


  1. Keep it up miss Ginny! I know a lot of people praying for you to be going home with mommy and daddy!
    I am so happy to hear of the progress miss Ginny has made since surgery.Our prayers are answered every day she gets closer to going home!
    love to all.Deb

  2. Ginny you are a little pistol. Grammie loves you and hopes to see you soon!

  3. That is awesome for both Ginny and Joesph!!!! Ginny, way to keep things on your schedule!!
    Love Auntie COle