Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Problem Solved

We dropped Ginny off at the OR at 10:00 AM and she was back in her room by 11:20. She has just a couple of tiny incisions to add to her quite impressive collection of scars and she is doing great. She has taken some Pedialyte by mouth and kept it down, so we are back to working on feeding. Her "mechanical" issues with suck/swallow have been fixed and now it is just a matter of keeping it down. We had a visit from Dr. Baines (the other Dr. Baines, that is)and we are reasonably sure we will be home by Friday, if not earlier.

I'm planning on making a couple of appearances at the office over the next couple of days just to remind people of what I look like, and then I hope to be back to work next week. It's been so long, it will probably feel like I'm starting a new job.


  1. Well that all sounds good. This will be a nice birthday for you three. Ginny is 2 months old Friday and how old will you be???

    Are you going to shave to go to the office??

    ALl the best to all

  2. Our middle son had surgery for HPS at 4 weeks, he is 38 yrs old now...I remember it didn't take him long to start keeping his feedings down after the surgery, Sandi Finn

  3. My son Trafton had surgery for pyloric stenosis when he was 1 1/2 months old. It went well and he has done well ever since. He can chug beer like you wouldn't believe.
    Kathy Marden

  4. What a relief to have this behind you all....Ginny Lee is such a remarkable little girl...she is destined for great things in her life...Prayers are still coming her way...Donna