Friday, July 16, 2010

It's 3 AM - Welcome to Fatherhood

Teaching Ginny to eat has not been as easy as we thought it would be. The difficulties started at about 2:30 Friday morning when Ginny spit up her dinner and ejected her N-G tube with it. Rachel was a good sport about shoving a new tube up her nose and into her stomach. Friday was a zombie day for all three of us - it was the first day that we didn't wake up at or have to drive to the hospital since May 27th.

Saturday was a pretty good day. Ginny has learned how to eat from the bottle fairly well. We were instructed to give her whatever remained of her feeds via the N-G tube and a food pump. She did well with this in the morning, but as the day progressed she would take less by mouth at each feed. By the afternoon she started spitting up as much as we were pumping into her. It seemed like someone told me to use my kid to produce foie gras.

Sunday morning was pretty good, too, but it deteriorated a lot faster. By 1 o'clock in the afternoon she was spitting up (read: projectile vomit) as fast as we could pump it in. We stopped and called our practitioner. She told us to lower her feed volume and space the feeds out to 4 hours instead of the 3 we were originally instructed. The 5 o'clock feed went well, until the 9 o'clock feed. That's when she launched 2/3 of her 5 o'clock feed at Rachel. The remaining 1/3 went down the front of my shirt about 30 minutes later. We called our practitioner and she told us to take Ginny directly back to the PICU.

We've been here at the PICU since about 11:30 last night (it is about 8 am as I write this). Almost everyone has given us a quizzical look and asked "Didn't you guys go home the other day?" Indeed we did, but apparently we just can't stay away. We're waiting for the ultrasound folks to come by and take some pictures of Ginny's guts. Please pray that whatever it is that is upsetting Ginny's tummy, we can get it easily fixed.


  1. J&R
    Prayers on the way. Ginny has a huge prayer base and they are working very hard this AM. All our best to Ginny and you guys. Give us a heads up when you know something.
    Love Grandpa

  2. I have close friends whose baby wouldn't keep breast milk down. I'm all for natural food (as were they) but Genevieve (their baby) insisted on the Exorcist style of bringing the food back up! After 3 months of battling... they switched to soy formula and she kept it down! I'm hoping Ginny just has a funky intolerance to the natural stuff and nothing more... because that's a relatively easy fix! Hugs!!!!

    :) Randi

  3. Prayers for Ginny.

  4. Sending prayers and good wishes your way. Hugs to all.