Monday, July 26, 2010

The New Normal?

I wouldn't exactly call it "clamoring," but several people have asked for a new post and some pictures of Ginny. The picture above was just before we left the hospital on Thursday. The kid can sleep through anything.

Since we got home on Thursday evening, we've been trying to find what our new "normal" is like. On Friday afternoon I went to the office to see if I could still find my way there, and to remind everyone what I looked like. I didn't want anyone to call the cops because an angry bearded man was rummaging through the office down the hall.

Today Ginny had her first pediatric appointment, so I went to work a little late. It was nice to go to a doctor's office and just talk about regular baby stuff - like how much she weighs and and what color her poop should be - and not have to discuss cutting her open to rearrange any more plumbing. We talked about how much she should eat. When we got home on Thursday, Ginny started eating 60 ml every 3 hours. By Friday night, it was more like 90 mL every three hours, and today she is sucking down 120 mL about every two and a half.
When she's done with that she just chews on her hand for a while. It's probably a good thing she doesn't have any teeth or she would be missing a finger. We also talked about how much she should sleep. Luckily Ginny sleeps about 7 hours straight each night, so it's a little easier on Rachel. (Like my daughter, I can sleep through anything.)

So, we're still trying to figure out some sort of routine. I suppose in a few weeks we will know what works for us. We've had a busy time over the last two months, and there isn't really any sign of it slowing down. I think we like it that way.

This Wednesday Ronald McDonald House Charities of North Central Florida will celebrate the 28th anniversary of the Ronald McDonald House of Gainesville. They will hold an open house from 11 am to 1 pm to celebrate and to announce the kick-off of the "Ginny's Room" room sponsorship program. (If you haven't heard about Ginny's Room, check out my post "On Gainesville and Giving" from July 6th.) We hope you can spare a few minutes to stop by and say hello. Unfortunately, Ginny won't be able to make an appearance this year because she hasn't had any of her immunizations and we don't want to risk her getting sick from a crowd - and we hope there will be a crowd. The Ronald McDonald House is at 1600 SW 14th Street in Gainesville. We will see you there.

And now, the gratuitous post-bath photo:

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  1. How beautiful!She is precious..enjoy! Love to all of you! Deb and Dan