Thursday, July 1, 2010

Thursday Morning Update

Ginny continued to improve overnight. This morning she was taken off of the pacemaker and her heart rhythm is doing great on its own. She is holding at 50% oxygen through the vent and has been weaned to 8 ppm on the nitric oxide. Her chest tube is draining fluid well and we could see her chest closed as early as tomorrow evening. She still tries to fight against the sedation, so we keep tweaking it. She is doing great. Thanks to everyone for all your prayers.


  1. Excellent!!! Prayers are being answered!Keep it up Ginny every day is a step closer to home!

  2. Doug and Wendy, We are so happy to hear about Ginny's progress. What a fighter! The bracelets were a GREAT idea. Now soooooo many people in this area have been following her progress, friends golfing buddies, my dentist office staff, ect. That was a wonderful idea. Thank you for keeping us uip to date. Give our love to Rachel and Jason. Dianne Shelton

  3. By the numbers, that's how we like it. Go Genny Go!