Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Day Of

I'm just going to keep editing this post for updates today. Keep checking back.

6:00 AM - Arrived at Shands. Ginny was sleeping peacefully. She got a little cranky around 3:00 am, but only because they had stopped feeding her at midnight and switched to IV fluids. She woke up around 6:30 and was fussy, but not too bad. They let us stay with her through shift change.

8:05 AM - Rode with the anesthesia team and Ginny in the elevator to the second floor, then came back to the NICU to pick up all of Ginny's stuff. The entire team in the NICU was sad to see Ginny go, but happy that she is one step closer to going home.

11:20 AM - Just received word from the hospital regarding Ginny. She went under anesthesia and onto the bypass without any problems. Dr. Bleiweis has fixed the PDA and is now beginning her correction - as Dr. Pitkin described it "the meat of the operation." Not sure about that choice of words, but American is his second language, so no worries.

2:10 PM - While visiting the Ronald McDonald House of North Central Florida, we got a call from the hospital regarding Ginny. Her correction is complete and they have begun to wean her off the heart-lung bypass machine. So far, everything is looking good. They have asked us to be available to speak to Dr. Bleiweis at 3 pm.

4:29 PM - In the Ronald McDonald Family Room on the 10th floor of Shands. We just received a call that Ginny is about to be wheeled upstairs to the PICU. Dr. Bleiweis will be coming to chat with us shortly. We were told it should be about an hour before we can see her, but we're prepared to wait two.

5:15 PM - Dr. Bleiweis came and talked to us about Ginny's surgery. She has been moved up to the PICU and they are cleaning her up and getting settled so we can see her. Her correction was a success, but she did have an episode of pulmonary hypertension that gave the team a pretty good scare. She is back on nitric oxide at a higher dose than she was before (40 ppm) but they will begin weaning her down today. She should be down to 20 ppm by late tonight. We should be allowed to see her shortly.

7:53 PM - This will be my last post of the evening. Ginny is doing well. She is on the ventilator again receiving 75% oxygen and 40 ppm nitric oxide. She has been heavily sedated, so she does not move or open her eyes. She has 13 IV pumps pushing 7 different medications and fluid nourishment. She has a chest tube, a central line, a tube to monitor her left atrial pressure, and an external pacemaker. She has a large gauze bandage in the middle of her chest covering the sterile gore-tex fabric, which in turn covers her open chest. It is not a pretty picture, so I won't be posting any more photos for a while. Depending on the speed of her recovery, a lot of the apparatus will be taken away starting in the next couple days. Surprisingly, Rachel and I are less stressed-out than we expected. We've had dinner and are going to try to just relax with Ginny for the rest of the night. She's had a difficult but productive day. We are hoping she has a quiet and uneventful night. Thank you everyone for your prayers and support. Ginny is feeling the love.


  1. Ginny,
    We are praying for you, your doctors, and your parents! We know you are a fighter!
    Auntie Cole, Auntie Jen, and RiatMarie

  2. This is Auntie Jody in Kingston, N. H. and I just want you to know that we all
    are in this circle of prayer today for little Ginny Lee. My church has a
    wonderful prayer team and they are all praying for her and she will be in my
    mind, my thoughts and especially my prayers all day today from 8:00 on, until I
    hear something. Her name also went out on our church family news yesterday for
    people to please pray for her today.
    God Bless. Love, Auntie Jody

  3. We are all there with you in our hearts and prayers. Ginny has fought hard, this is her biggest fight. You have the best taking care of her. I know how hard it is for you and Wen to see your child andgrandchild suffer. Better days will be your future.
    Love Jane &Hap

  4. We are all praying for Miss. Ginny, I know it will be a long wait, but everything will be ok, she has a big guardian angel watching for her.


    Norma, Jesus, Danny & Sofia and all the guys from el Toro.

  5. The strongest souls have come from the smallest hearts...... God bless Ginny Lee.

    Gerry Holly, & RSD

  6. Re: 4th/23 "Tomahawks" Association Tues AM Circle of Strength

    I am sitting her with my 3yr old grandaughter on my lap, we are both praying for Ginny.,
    We are asking God to have Ginnys Angel to guide her through this surgery. We both send our love .

    Jim Herrera and Hanna

  7. Jeff, Kaylee and I are all keeping that strong little fighter in our minds and prayers today. She's gonna do great!!!! We love you all!!!!!

  8. You are all in our thoughts and prayers today. We know she's going to do great and will keep praying for her through the end of today's surgery and beyond. By the end of today, she'll be one more huge step closer to going home.
    Jen, Nicole, and RitaMarie

  9. Re: 4th/23 "Tomahawks" Association Tues AM Circle of Strength

    We will pray for Her and the family. God will alwaye be with a Child in time of need, GOD BLESS and take care.

    DC 65-67

  10. From Linda Ritter, and the Miller's in Indiana

    please know our prayers are with all of you today and tomorrow and on and on--

    linda, marge and kat

  11. from Doc Denny Myers a Vietnam Medic of ours

    Re: 4th/23 "Tomahawks" Association Tues AM Circle of Strength

    Doug, all thoughts and prayers will be on her today. Good luck & God blessw, Doc

  12. From Kimberly Horst

    Thank you for the update. We continue to pray and wear our bracelets

  13. from Marilyn Pike

    She is awesome!! Angels are watching over her.

  14. Miss Ginny, you go girl!!!!!!!!!

    Great Aunt Marcia

  15. Precious Ginny, you stay strong here, your doctors and surgical team are awesome, they are taking great care of you.love you Grammie

  16. from Paula Symrnious Doyle

    C"on Miss Ginny.......my thoughts are with you and your family....

  17. Re: 4th/23 "Tomahawks" Association From Brownie


    I just sent an email to Woody, the guy who want the pics. I've asked him and all the members of the IWPVA to remember Ginny. I've bcc'd you.


  18. Dearest Ginny,
    Keep up the great work, beautiful girl! We are thinking of you always and praying constantly for you, your parents, and your doctors and nurses. Remember, after you climb this mountain, you get to go downhill all the way to your own crib in your mom and dad's loving home. All our love to you, peanut.
    Mandy & Jimmy

  19. You are in my prayers! As well as the doctors and nurses. He created you, I know he can heal you!

  20. Great news guys. Hope you get to see your little girl sooner than later.

  21. We are so happy Ginny is out of surgery. Keep the updates coming. We will keep praying.

    Kim, John and Gwendolyn

  22. You are doing wonderful, Miss Ginny, we are all praying for you here.
    CSM (Ret) Al & Sandi Finn

  23. She is one tough little girl. Kind off reminds me of grandpa!! Many prayers for her tonight.

    Doc John Wood

  24. Thank you God for Ginny's successful surgery, please watch over her as she recovers.All of us in Indiana are praying for Ginny's speedy recovery.We will continue to pray until miss Ginny is home
    Love to all

  25. Thoughts and prayers are with Ginny and her family. You can do this Ginny!!

    Lots of Love,
    Lauren, Danny & Gianna

  26. Same for me and my family.
    CPT Bob

    I maybe joining the circle late as I was AWOL yesterday, but my prayers and thoughts will be with Doug and his family through out Ginny's recovery.


    On 06/29/2010, Brock Sloan wrote:

    Our prayers always and God bless her Parents and Grandparents!!!

    Brock and Barbara

    Our prayers will go out this evening as well as tomorrow morning and everyday until this little one has won the battle.

    Jim and Kathy
    I am definitely in the circle and will be praying for Ginny, Doug, Wendy, Jason, and Rachel.

    It has been a tradition for Recon to join in a circle of strength, all holding hands and through the circle the strength is built. Some of you are unfamiliar with this most humble of offerings. Please all join in the circle at 0800 tomorrow (29 June).

    We are submitting our strength to Ginny Lee Haeseler. She will undergo eight hours of surgery commencing 0800. Ginny is Doug and Wendy's grand daughter. Rachel and Jason's daughter. So please give strength to her tomorrow and during her lengthy recovery.
    Keep the faith,
    Dan and Deb
    ( Ranger Dan and the Queen)

  27. Re: 4th/23 "Tomahawks" Association Tues AM Circle of Strength

    Please tell her parents that our prayers for Ginny include them and their
    Grandparents. When it is possible to hold her in your arms please give her a
    small hug from Jim and Hanna...

  28. Thank You GOD for hearing all the prayers that have been inundating you for the past month,as well as for all future prayers with regard to
    Your precious Little Ginny, She is a one-little-fighter...
    Go Ginny! We're all on your team!
    Tony & Debbie

  29. Jones Family in High Springs are thinking of you and praying for her speedy recovery.

    Bob, Linda Jones

  30. So glad to hear that she made it through the surgery ok. We wish her a speedy recovery!

  31. Thank You God and Thank You Dr Bleisweis and surgical team from the bottom of my heart!!!

  32. Lord, thank You for answered prayers. I hope You don't mind if I keep nagging at You for a while longer.

    Ginny! Ginny! Great work precious baby! You are one GIANT step forward and headed toward home and your family who loves you oh-so-much.

    Sending big virtual hugs your way. And continued prayers every day.

  33. So glad that everything went well. She is a fighter! So glad that now you are moving into recovery stages with her and the time is a countdown now to her coming home to the best parents in the world!Can't wait to see pics when she is better.

  34. Doug and Wendy:

    you are in our thoughts and prayers. Ginny seems like a tough little cookie. (No surprise there given her family tree!)

    mark and robbin

  35. Rest up Ginny, you are so tough! Love you guys, keeping you all in my thoughts and prayers. Thanks so much for keeping us all updated.

    xoxo gerilyn