Friday, June 18, 2010

On Holiday

Ginny is into her third day off of the ventilator. She likes it just fine. She is still officially on the CPAP, but she's doing what Dr. Baines calls "sprints." She was taken off the CPAP at 3:00 this afternoon and is getting oxygen through nasal cannula. She'll be off the CPAP for a few hours and then we'll put her back on for a while. We just want to see how she tolerates it. So far she's doing great. After some time we'll know if she can stay off the CPAP and just use the cannula for extra oxygen. She even tried to breastfeed a little. She got a few drops of mamma's milk and then fell right asleep and started drooling. Jagermeister does the same thing to me. She didn't actually latch on, but she'll get the hang of it eventually.

So Ginny will stay on her ventilator holiday for a few days - most likely all of next week - until the surgeons feel like she is well enough to have her correction. We really feel like we've come such a long way. We have, really, but Ginny still has a pretty big obstacle to overcome. We'll enjoy her progress for the next week and hope we can stave off any infections that might put her at risk during surgery. Then we'll face the next challenge.


  1. She is doing so awesome! I pray for her daily and your blogs still make me cry. You are such a good blogger Jason. I love how you're keeping us in the loop and none of us have to bombard you will phone calls. Sorry if I not using all the right words but I still have trouble on a daily basis thinking of the spelling of a simple word. So if you aren't sure what I mean to send me a quick message and hopefully my brain will kick in gear so I can tell you what the heck I'm talking about. I am so happy that you and Rachel are able to hold your baby girl and hopefully it won't take Ginny to long to figure out the breast feeding thing. Pray for all three of you! :-)

  2. Yes Ginny!! I am so happy you are doing so well. Your momma has PLENTY of milk for you so don't be bashfull and take all you need.I Love you very much Grammie

  3. Jason, it is so wonderful to be able to read about Ginny's progress. Your generous spirit keeps all of us, those well known and those not so well known to you in the loop.

    Keep up the good work Ginny.

    Lord, give this family the extra strength and support they need to help Ginny on her journey to good health. We're all counting on You.