Thursday, June 3, 2010

On Sunrises and Suction

Ginny is doing well this morning. Although she didn't make the progress we wanted, she is definitely improving. The oxygen she is getting through the vent is down to 70% - not quite the 60% we were shooting for, but her sats are good and the nitric oxide is down to 15 ppm from 20 ppm (our goal is to get that to zero). Unfortunately, the cardiac medications have the side effect of creating excess secretions in her lungs which have to be suctioned out every so often. She does not like this at all. Each time she gets suction she drops her sats and lets everyone know she is not happy. But each time she does it, the drops get less in severity and she recovers quicker, which is a great sign.

About 8:20 this morning I got a call from Dr. Molly, the resident on duty here at the NICU. When the phone rang my heart stopped, but she was very pleasant and just wanted me to know that cardiology would be by this morning and wanted to talk to us about what the plan is to prepare Ginny for her surgery. We were here by 8:50, despite having answered the phone in my underwear...

It's now about 9:45 and cardiology still hasn't made it by, though I see some of them here in the ward, so they should be by shortly. I will give everyone an update later today. Thank you everyone for your prayers and support.


  1. Jason and Rachel- We will continue to pray for you, Ginny, and the doctors treating her. We are so happy to hear that she is making progress. We can't wait to see you all.
    Ginny- Keep fighting!
    We love you all!!!!!!

  2. We are praying for all of you. Keep fighting Ginny!!!! LOL Norma, Jesus