Monday, June 14, 2010

Monday Mornings

The neonatology doctors have completed their rounds this morning. Everyone is very pleased with Miss Ginny. She has been off the nitric oxide since Friday night at about 9. She has not looked back since then. She has been weened back a little bit on her Versed (sedative) and she is receiving 32% oxygen through the ventilator. (She only has to go to 21% before she's breathing room air.) Right now she is just about able to be extubated, though we are waiting on cardiology to make a decision about removing the tube. We expect they will be around sometime today to fill us in on the plan.

We are about at the mid-way point for this particular crisis. We've had more than a few really scary moments along the way. Right now is a little lull in the excitement, but another roller coaster ride is coming up. Although they've been doing this surgery on babies for decades, the thought of letting them open up my daughter's chest to rearrange the plumbing is a bit scary to say the least. We are comforted by the fact that we have one of the best pediatric cardio-thorasic surgeons in the country doing the work. Cincinnati Children's Hospital has a great graphic that shows what he will have to do to fix Ginny's heart. You can find it at:

It is pretty awesome to think that they will perform that surgery on a heart that is only about 3 cm in diameter - just a little over an inch - absolutely amazing!

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  1. Ginny is amazing and will continue to prove it! How about the mummy n daddy holding their baby girl...wasn't t&at happening when this hurdle was jumped? I hope she receives lots of snuggling soon!