Saturday, June 5, 2010

Ginny's Dream Today

Ginny is doing great this morning. She doesn't really like the night shift though. Last night, shortly after shift change, she threw another one of her tantrums, dropped her sats and just made everyone worry. After that she was fine. We did get a call shortly after midnight from Dr. Molly that Ginny had a slight fever. They started her on some antibiotics just in case and took a few cultures. She had another big day yesterday, so it could just be all the excitement combined with the PGE (it has a tendency to raise body temperature).

Yesterday the nurses put in a peripherally inserted central catheter (PIC line) - an IV in her arm that goes through the vein almost all the way to her heart. This will help get medications to her body quicker and it won't go bad like regular IV's do. It will save her a lot of sticks from needles over the next week or so. It also enabled Dr. Molly to remove her umbilical catheter (UVC). She has been taking mama's milk at 1 cc every 3 hours, so hopefully she'll start packing on the pounds. They weened a lot of her medications yesterday, and then again this morning. We're making great progress.

Rachel and I have been doing our best to keep track of all of the people that help us through this difficult time. It's tough because a lot of you are anonymous - some on purpose, like the phantom lawn-mowing guy. It will be impossible for us to know everyone who has helped, but we have kept the names of those that we know about. Regardless of whether we know your name or not, we thank you for all you have done and hope you will continue to keep us in your prayers.

We keep track of the names we know in a little notebook. I noticed something about them the other day. They are all different kinds of people. There are Christians, Jews, Muslims, and Buddhists. There are white people, black people, brown, red, and yellow people. There are gay people and straight people. One of her doctors is an Indian man, and another a Filipino woman. I know Remi Bald Eagle is out there saying a prayer for her. He's an original American and an American hero too. We’re all really different, but at a time like this, the differences don’t really seem to matter. In a lot of places in the world right now people are focused on the differences and forget that we all want the same things. We all want our kids to grow up happy and healthy, to get a good education and be productive members of society, and to help their neighbors when they’re in need. We’re really not that different after all. I hope Ginny grows up in a world where she’s judged by the content of her character - and nothing else. She’ll see the great example that all of you have set for her.


  1. Ginny, grammie is so proud of you!! You are just such a little pistol. I feel for your parents when you reach the teenage years!! Makes me chuckle actually. Have great day.
    love you

  2. Thank you Jason for your daily reports for all you have been through it is wonderful that you find the time to update us all.

  3. Jason, you write so beautifully. And you say 'it all' so well.

  4. Ginny, we are so happy that you are improving. I agree with Grammy, after all this I think you are going to be a little sassy. But that's ok, you've earned the right. Sorry Mom and Dad!!

    The Blues'

  5. Genevieve Lee Haeseler born 2010
    Her Grandmother Wendy Genevieve Lay Conn Born 1952
    Her mother Genevieve Perkins Lay born 1925
    Her mother Genevieve Martha Davis born 1898

    Ginny is something like the 9th granddaughter to Captain Issac Davis an officer in the revolutionary war.
    Ginny is a fighter as well.
    We love you Ginny. Get well soon. I want to hold you and love you.