Friday, June 25, 2010

Quick Update III

Ginny has had a good day. We are about to make our second attempt at breastfeeding today. This morning she might have been too tired to work for her food, but she's been sleeping all day. We'll see how this one goes. Her feeds have been increased again to 90 cc every three hours. She's a big kid. She was also taken off the CPAP and is now exclusively on the comfort flow. We've been told several times that the surgery is tentatively scheduled for Tuesday. We were supposed to have a confirmation today, but that has not happened yet.


  1. Again Jason, You MUST publish this for many reasons once your "journey" is finished with your hospital stay...It will be such an inspiration and comfort to others who will follow down a similar path. All my best in thoughts and prayers to you and your beautiful, strong family, especially little Ginny and Rachel. Lots of love, Ginny

  2. So now that I have read every post of Ginny's 30 days of life, I have learned a few things...

    1. I like you guys even more than I originally thought,
    2. Ginny is an incredible little miracle,
    and 3. I am blessed to have met your beautiful family.

    Thank you so much for passing the link to this blog along to me via Dr. Sussman. I have thoroughly appreciated reading about your experiences during the most difficult month of your lives. You two are incredible people and parents- the best a precious little girl could ask for. I am in awe of the good attitudes and optimism you both have displayed throughout all of this. Good luck with surgery this week- I'll be following via the blog and keeping you all in my thoughts. I hope to see you again soon- outside the hospital!

    Nicole Teal